Catteries near me

Have you been desperately Googling ‘catteries near me’ with the hope that the perfect one will appear? Then you are in the right place – here at Mad Cats Cattery we are your local luxury cat hotel, based in Stanway. Located in a picturesque setting, you won’t find a better place for your pet to relax and enjoy a holiday. Our cattery features fifteen bespoke suites available where your cat can roam in a spacious area surrounded by all the creature comforts of home.

We are all cat lovers here, who are always on hand to shower affection on your beloved pet in your absence and tailor our service to an individual’s needs. Whether your kitty likes two square meals a day or little and often then we will cater to their requirements. If they need lots of attention, cuddles or play, then our team are always happy to spend time with them to make sure they don’t miss you too much. We will even come and pick them up and deliver them back to you to guarantee that the process is as hassle-free as possible.

Feel free to arrange a visit to the cattery to take a look around or to book in a visit for your cat on 01206 213544.

“Going away breaks our heart every time, but the team at Mad Cats are so caring and friendly that it eases the dilemma as we know they are going to a good home for a week.”